"The brightest light has gone out."
R.I.P. Robin Williams. (July 21, 1951 - August 11, 2014)


Genie, I'm...I'm gonna miss you.

R.I.P. Robin Williams (July 21, 1951 - August 11, 2014)


"i’m free."

rest in peace, robin williams.

Rest in Peace, Robin Williams.
July 21st, 1951 - August 11th, 2014

Thank you for bringing joy into my childhood and life with your voice and acting. Thank you for your contagious jokes, your wacky impersonations, and amazing acting. Thank you for making my childhood experience better, and thank you for bringing joy to those even though you battled with your own joy. If only you could have known how much you’ve impacted people. Your life work will live on, and you will never be forgotten. I know I won’t forget you. Thank you for helping me whenever I felt sad and having a film for every mood. Gone, but never forgotten.

Lea’s and Bamboo’s reactions after hearing Darren’s first few notes

An OTP a day (4/7) //

So Ji Sub x Gong Hyo Jin (Originating from: Master’s Sun, Joo Joong Won & Tae Gong Shil)

It’s Okay, That’s Love - Jo In Sung / Gong Hyo Jin


It’s Okay, That’s Love (괜찮아, 사랑이야) - premiers 23 July 2014 

g.o.d - 우리가 사는 이야기 (Feat. 메건리).

They’re back! Because the MV is beautiful and should be posted, reblogged and shared. g.o.d is back! And now this how you make a comeback, Kpop.