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So Ji Sub x Gong Hyo Jin (Originating from: Master’s Sun, Joo Joong Won & Tae Gong Shil)

It’s Okay, That’s Love - Jo In Sung / Gong Hyo Jin


It’s Okay, That’s Love (괜찮아, 사랑이야) - premiers 23 July 2014 

g.o.d - 우리가 사는 이야기 (Feat. 메건리).

They’re back! Because the MV is beautiful and should be posted, reblogged and shared. g.o.d is back! And now this how you make a comeback, Kpop.

“The winner of two consecutive Critics Choice Awards for her performance as several clones on BBC America’s Orphan Black and a Golden Globe nominee this past year, Maslany has the unenviable task of playing several characters in each episode, imbuing each with a richness and depth that is unparalleled. While NOT YET Emmy-nominated, her work has been lauded by critics and industry professionals alike. The biggest challenge she faces is not the quality of her work but the perceived bias in Emmy history against programs in the science fiction genre… she justifiably deserves a spot in TV history and amongst the nominees come Thursday morning.” — Huffington Post - Emmy Wish List (x)

“The most glaring omission from 2013 is now 2014’s most mandatory nomination.” — Jarrett Wieselman’s thoughts on Tatiana Maslany getting an Emmy nomination [x]
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I officially fucking give up on the Emmy’s because they fucking snubbed Tatiana AGAIN. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

g o d : 20140701 Sky Blue Promise & 20140708 Chapter 8

Tatiana Maslany with her award for ‘Best Actress in a Drama Series’ at the Critics Choice Television Awards 2014, for a second year in a row.